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It was 2004, the phone rang. Betsy was atop a 20 foot ladder changing a metal-halide bulb, when she got the news. “I’ve found it”… her daughter who has moved to Columbus, Ohio the year before, said. Found what? “Your store!” Her daughter has spotted a vacant store front (now a part of our history) in the old down town part of Dublin, Ohio. It was tiny, smelled terrible due to the perms being performed in the adjacent hair salon, has no floor, poor heat, worse lighting, and looked rough from the outside. But it had nice big windows and was on a main road! Betsy knew that opening a store in Ohio was next to impossible as her home was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Nevertheless, she couldn’t put the idea aside. She talked it over at length with her husband. He too knew the sacrifice that trying her hand at ownership would mean. After much prayer, a lot of research, and a whole lot of tears thinking about the coming time apart, Betsy submitted a business plan, along with demographic studies, financial goals, the works. Cheesecake, if the bank thought it a good plan, would have quality clothing, great fit, good pricing, and the best possible customer service a little store could provide! As most of you know, the rest is history.



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