Sometimes we just need a clear outline
to bring everything into focus.

You may be fighting with how to style & wear certain pieces in your closet.


You may be struggling with how to bridge your layered Fall wardrobe into a lightweight Summer look.

You may have an upcoming special event or trip you need to plan & pack for.

You may be starting a new job and need help making a fantastic impression.

Our take on Personal Styling, a Silhouette service can be applied to item outfitting, seasonal wardrobe changes, travel packing & planning, or professional transitions.

This editing and preparation is invaluable and helps take the pressure off. Allowing you to dress confidently using a smaller planned wardrobe that is focused on achieving your goals.

Clothes Hanging

Some of what you can expect

  • A personalized styled selection of key items that outlines your lifestyle, personality and climate ( travel ) needs. 

  • Using the items and accessories you already own as well as make suggestions for key pieces that will help you complete your Silhouette

  • Style Clarity: what best fits, flatters, and feels good. You'll discover your most authentic personal style.

  • Honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

  • Styling, selection and photos of each outfit combination that will make up your capsule, piece by piece. This will be complied into a personal lookbook with notes and sent to you electronically.

  • Help with selecting proper undergarments and swimwear. (As needed).

  • Even packing tips for maximizing space and traveling light.

Book a "Silhouette" service after a major shopping excursion. This is an expert personal fitting and styling of all your new items as well as reworking existing items in your wardrobe. This can be done in-person or virtually.
It's super fun & a fantastic way to maximize your closet.


 Achieving your Silhouette objectives, so we can successfully build on what you have, takes time and focus.

180 minutes is the minimum booking for a Silhouette service - This gives you & your stylist enough time to truly assess your accessories, wardrobe items,  and shoes - then style, size & take pictures of you in each new look. Effectively pursuing your stylish goals!!