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Online Shopping Sucks.....

Ok, so its not all bad 😄. Shopping online has given us fantastic access to beautiful items, incredible variety , fast shipping & easy returns.  Sounds Great, Right?

But, there is NOTHING more depressing then excitingly placing your order - waiting for the mailman to deliver it - and then finally opening it to discover; the fabric is awful, the color is completely wrong, and it fits terribly💔.  Most of us are shopping online because we WANT our beautiful item to fit! We want to wear it right away! . . . . Have you ever gone out & ordered a delicious meal, only to take a bite and have it taste like garbage?  Sure you can send it back to the kitchen - but by then the meal has been ruined.   

So how,DO you take the suck out of online shopping? 

A Shop-a-long is where you have an actual experienced stylist guide you though the questions about how an item will fit, if it will be flattering, and suggest trends and updates you may not have considered.  Its just like hiring an Interior Decorator - but for your wardrobe! 

Imagine having someone take your personal style, body type, and wardrobe choices into careful consideration.  A Professional that will really focuses on YOU - and then having them hand select the styles, fabrics, fits & colors based on your personal aesthetic and needs using their expert industry knowledge.  

With a Shop-a-long we offer you access to that expert level service & knowledge but with the access that online shopping affords.  Your expert stylist combs the internet for your perfect fit and selection.  Helping you achieve SUCESS in shopping. 

Image by John Schnobrich

How does it work?

  • I schedule a one on one personal video consultation to assess your individual wardrobe profile .

  • We pinpoint your unique style aesthetic as well as your physical measurements & characteristics.

  • We discuss your current wardrobe/shopping goals. Maybe you are shopping for a seasonal change, starting a new career, planning a vacation or just want to update with the latest trends. 

  • Together we discover your personal style and help you gain focus and confidence over your wardrobe.

  • After our initial consultation I will expertly apply your desires and wishes to researching the perfect items from a wide variety of designers and sources. I prioritize supporting small business & independent designers but I also LOVE a great bargain - so you can expect a truly varied selection of brands and shops.

  • Once complete - I will send you your "Personal Menu" of hand selected items with direct links for easy purchasing. I'll include my expert notes on what sizes and colors I'd recommend for you and your personalized individual profile. 

  • Plan to spend a minimum of 30 mins during our initial consult  to complete this step. Think of this like a therapy session - I know this might seem like a lot of time but getting to really know YOU is the most important step in the process.  

  • Order with confidence - Using your hand selected  links, order online with ease and confidence & take advantage of free shipping and easy returns. 

Book a "Silhouette" service after your new items 🛍  have delivered. This is an expert, 3 hour IN-PERSON *  fitting and styling of all your new items as well as reworking existing items in your wardrobe.
It's super fun & a fantastic way to maximize your closet.


The "Personal Menu" can take up to 14 days to prepare - so please be advised to plan to book your "Shop-A-Long" in advance of any upcoming travel. 

* In-Person is for the Local Columbus Ohio Area.

If you do not live locally & would like to book a virtual fitting , please just message us. 

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